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PG-Online / Payne-Gallway Publishing

  • Client : PG Online / Payne-Gallway Publishing
  • Market : Education
  • Services : Design artwork, print production, photography, illustration.
  • Web :
  • Overview : Our work with the original Payne-Gallway Publishing was some of the most enjoyable and rewarding work we've ever done. Developing a range of IT books with director Pat Heathcote, that engaged students from a very early age using cartoon characters that developed along with them to their early teens. The books were all tied into the curriculum and provided Teachers with everything they needed to make lessons fun and with photocopiable worksheets to take all the stress out of their workload. The books became incredibly popular and a leading publisher was driven to commission market research to find out who teachers thought were the best educational IT publisher and PG came top in every aspect. It wasn't long before an offer was made that they couldn't refuse and now the PG brand is part of the global Pearson Group. Fast-forward nearly a decade and Pats son Robert reboots the brand as PG Online and we were delighted when they came to us to develop the corporate identity. Robert wanted something that moved the brand on from publishing into the on-screen world of downloadable resources whilst retaining a visual recognisable link to the original PG logo. We went on to produce their first catalogue as well as their first text books. PG Online have now grown and moved on and although they no longer require our services the original brand design still lives on.  


The PG Online identity is a natural progression of the Payne-Gallway Publishing brand. Capturing the ethos, heritage and integrity of the original designed in 1997, we were then asked to adapt it by Harcourt Education when they purchased the business in 2005.

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Support Literature and textbooks

The core text books published by Payne-Gallway used abstract art on their covers and Robert was keen to continue this tradition, supporting artists into the bargain. Each one of their courses gets a different abstract image and this reflects throughout all their online and printed resources. Below are samples of the original catalogue and publications we produced for them 2012 – 2014.

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