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Before you can increase performance you need to know what to improve and how to go about it.

Our Website Performance Analysis costs just £300. The results could be priceless.

A ‘Direction Website Performance Analysis’ will confirm what needs to be improved on your website, both from a technical and content perspective – it is a fully tailored, comprehensive functional test designed to check your website’s performance from every aspect.

Slow loading web page

If your website is slow to load, you could be losing customers. Our analysis will identify slow loading pages and problem images allowing us to optimise them for faster loading whilst retaining decent image quality.

To see what a typical report would look like click here.

Website Performance Report example

What’s included in our Website Performance Analysis?

The test includes a forensic look at the critical data and analyses the outcomes and impacts for your business.

You receive a written report and a fully aligned, prioritised step-by-step improvement plan to make sure your website leads the way against your rivals.

You’ll be able to confidently answer questions like:

  • Is my website reaching the right people?
  • Is my website engaging the right people?
  • Is my website appearing on page 1 of search results?
  • Is my website loading in 2 seconds or less?
  • Is my website generating more business?

Your Direction Website Performance Analysis report will give you comprehensive feedback on the following critical website performance measures, including:

  • Overall website domain score
  • Number of keywords currently appearing at the top of Google search criteria
  • Number of critical errors on your website
  • Number of backlinks
  • Website page speed score and load timings
  • Performance comparison with up to 5 of your competitor’s websites
    • Recommendations to improve:
    • Content to reach/engage the right people
    • Structure to create better customer experiences
    • Optimised page load-time speeds
    • Conversion rates
    • Brand recognition and consistent messaging

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