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For your customers, your brand identity encapsulates the values upon which your business is built and reflects the benefits they can expect to enjoy.

For your staff, it represents a sense of inclusion and belonging, in which their abilities and enthusiasm are fully appreciated and add real value to everything you do.

Brand Managing the brand

Brand design and management

It’s all about communication

Whether you’re a small business – even an individual tradesman – or a multi-national corporation, managing your brand and business identity is an absolute essential. Of course, how far you want to go with this has to be undertaken in realistic terms – and as a small business ourselves, that’s something we understand only too well. But whether it’s working with a small Italian Coffee importer or an FTSE 100 corporation, we know how to tailor a solution that meets individual needs as comprehensively and coherently as possible.

While most people understand the importance of their brand, there are some who don’t; some who believe their corporate ID should cost no more than a business lunch and think we can summon up a new design in the time it takes to eat it.

Thankfully there are plenty of great businesses who fully appreciate brand management, or even better, want to make sure the public perception of their business is as positive and productive as it can be.

Getting behind the brand

A brand is much more than a logo, an image, a name. In essence, it reflects your philosophy and ethos, the reasons you first went into business and why you’re now continually endeavouring to improve your products and services every working day.

Getting your teams and staff members on board can sometimes be the hardest part, and that’s something else we can help with too – either providing the necessary tools or helping to communicate your brand values to your staff and making sure they fully understand your vision and feel they have a real and respected part to play.

Communication between staff and customer is all brand awareness.

Managing change

There are often times in a business when things change; takeovers, service changes, name changes, structural shifts, management buy-outs and the like. Communicating these changes to your staff and incorporating them within your business plan is key to ensuring the on-going success and growth of your business. We’ve practical experience of this process, with small companies as well as large corporations, working alongside marketing departments and team leaders.

  • Corporate image design and production for businesses large and small
  • Branding guidelines documentation
  • Brand management
  • Full communications document to explain branding, sub-brands, philosophy and core values
  • Plan for the business – everybody needs one!
  • Staff communications, team building, happy committed workforce that fully comprehends the brand
  • Investors In People.