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The Bluebells, the lovely Bluebells…

The Bluebells, the lovely Bluebells...

Window day dreamer

Ah, the lovely hazy blue that carpeted the bank outside our Bournemouth window has since been overcome by rampaging brambles, but they’ll be back next year. In the meantime our resident wild birds are still frequenting our window feeders to bring a little real┬ánature into our digital working lives. And on it goes. Our website […]


In the unlikely event…

In the absence of any current news, here's one we made up.


Dear news seeker, in the unlikely event you have arrived at our website in search of recent news we don’t want you to be disappointed. Truth is that our website has only just been published and we haven’t actually finished it, it is however, infinitely better than our old site which no longer reflected our […]