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We’ve been supplying vinyl stickers as part of our production portfolio for over twenty five years, over this period of time we’ve witnessed a quantum leap in technology and capability. We now supply stickers and vinyl graphics on rolls, sheets, cut to shape in any size and any quantity.

Direction has played a key role in enhancing and expanding Bournemouth Council’s Big Bin, Little Bin Brand. Providing solutions for on-line campaigns, direct mail, all manner of graphics for bus advertising and vehicle displays in addition to regular vinyl stickers.

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You’ll need some simple tools to make sure your vinyl goes on flat and stays stuck.

Wheelie Bin and Commercial Bin Stickers

We’ve been producing large volume and short run vinyl stickers for use on commercial bins for over 15 years now. The reason people trust our stickers to last is that we specify high quality super-stick marine grade vinyl, often with a UV protective varnish or laminate. We also specify long life UV inks so that colours stay true, fresh and visible. So often you see cheap quality flaking stickers that can degrade in just a few months. Councils are often driven by protocol to choose the cheapest price, but if you have to replace your stickers repeatedly this soon proves to be an expensive and false economy.

Our ‘Don’t go over the top’ sticker was designed to stop people over-filling their bins. This sticker is well over 10 years old now and can still be found intact – if not a little (justifiably) rough around the edges – on Bins in the Bournemouth area.

Fitting Vinyl stickers

Whether they are large or small, you need to make sure that the surface you are going to stick them to is clean and free from coatings, dirt and grease. Even if your bin is brand new it will have a coating applied during the production process. Sometimes it just requires a bit of hot soapy water but a wipe over with some methylated spirits will ensure that your sticker will stay stuck.

Wherever possible try to affix stickers where they do not come into contact with lifting mechanisms on collection vehicles as this will eventually wear down the strongest of vinyls.

To apply large stickers you’ll require some masking tape and an applicator see image below. Affix tape to the top or shortest edge of the sticker and fix in position so you are happy with it and it is level. Score along the tape where it goes over the edge of the vinyl to create a hinge. Then lifting up the vinyl, peel back from the top edge and draw down, smoothing the vinyl down with the applicator as you go to remove any air bubbles. You can use a credit card, but a softer edge will avoid any scratches.

Sometimes if there are different mouldings and shapes to cover you may need to do this from the side, but the principle is still the same. If you are applying large vinyl graphics this may take a bit of practice. Depending on the grade of adhesive you can reposition it but vinyl can also stretch depending on the material specified.

For larger applications, never underestimate the value of a professional fitter, we’ve seen some of our clients self-applied results!

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