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Albert Waeschle Group of Companies

  • Client : Albert Waeschle
  • Services : Design, Artwork, Printing, Exhibition, Photography, Web Development, Signage, Packaging.
  • Overview : We've been working with Albert Waeschle since we were referred to them back in 1997 to look at producing a surgical and medical supplies catalogue that was to be released through their UK wide distributor network. The 80pp publication soon expanded to a 120pp and continued to grow up to the 300's. Over the years AW have expanded their business to include product design, development and manufacturing with their Opticlar range of diagnostic instruments and lighting. They also created a specialised veterinary division with Albert Waeschle Veterinary (AWV). The Bridge Lindsey group of shops located in Bournemouth, Southampton and Exeter sell mobility and personal care items to the public as well surgical and medical supplies to doctors surgeries, care homes and health professionals. Mr Waeschle (now in his 80's) is still involved with the company which is now run by his son Martin Waeschle. Over the years we have built up a very substantial knowledge regarding medical equipment (able to spot instruments and equipment instantly in Casualty and Holby City – even Noel Fitzpatricks Supervet series) and this effectively streamlines the projects we work on with the minimum of brief required from the client, they know – that we know, exactly what they want and leave us to get on with it. They are a unique family run business and we truly value and enjoy working with them and hope to do so for years to come.

The Albert Waeschle group consists of a number of brands and companies. We have produced all the above designs and many more individual product range identities, supplying stationery and business cards for the core brands as well as bespoke brochures and literature for the individual product ranges.

catalogue artwork, catalogue printing, catalogue photography, catalogue copy writing


As well as the main AW Distributor Catalogue, we have produced specialist Veterinary catalogues and Opticlar Diagnostic Equipment catalogues for both the EU and UK markets.

Literature and Exhibition Equipment

As well as the product range catalogues we’ve designed and produced marketing and support literature for key products and services, such as Student specific products for budding Optometrists and technical manuals for each of their Opticlar instruments.

AW go to a lot of exhibitions and conventions and we have produced a number of panels, screens and roller banners to use at these events as well as free running digital presentations.

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Web Development

Since 2004 we have been producing websites for AW. The most recent ones being the main Opticlar site and BL-Medical sites. Both sites are set up so AW have complete control and the freedom to update the site with very little involvement from us apart from any new technical capabilities they might require or platform updates. The Opticlar site is a curious one as you can’t purchase directly from the site, it is an information portal for their distributors. You can however, build a wish list and then choose which distributor suits you to purchase from, this is then sent to them electronically with your details. Dealers can use it to download documents and libraries of images from for their own use.


We have taken literally thousands of images of surgical and medical products over the years. From tiny surgical instruments to huge dental microscopes. For general product photography for use in the catalogue or websites we produce all of these in our own in-house studio. When we want something a little more special or with some extra pixels, we have some very talented photographic partners with whom we’ve worked for years, decades even, so we know the result will always match our clients expectations.

veterinary diagnostic sets

Opticlar Veterinary LED Slit Otoscope Set

Opticlar Veterinary LED Slit Otoscope Set

Opticlar Vision Max Headlight

Opticlar Vision Max Headlight

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