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Lead generation. Appointment generation. Telemarketing. In a world of digital marketing, these are slowly becoming dirty words.

But, however you cut it, once you’ve built up a list of contacts, you’ll need to get in touch with them. Initially, it’s tempting to try LinkedIn messages or cold emails – but by far and away the most effective method is picking up the phone and calling the person. Nothing beats real human interaction.

However, quite often, the thought of picking up the phone, dialling a number, making your introductions and trying to make a sale fills people with dread. If this is you, you’re not alone.

But, with such a high ROI, you shouldn’t be avoiding picking up the phone and calling potential customers. A quick Google will show you that there are a lot of companies out there that provide tele-sales support, if you don’t want to make the calls yourself.

With so much resting on this, you don’t want to outsource this work to a call centre of unproven and unexperienced individuals. You want professional telesales people who know how to engage your customers and integrate seamlessly with your current sales team.

At Direction, we only work with proven individuals that have the intelligence and rapport to represent your business as if they were a part of your in-house team. They’re experts in building a relationship with your customers and getting a foot in the door.

Plus, if you’ve got a team that’s lacking in confidence or could do with a quick refresher course in telesales techniques, we’ve partnered with some individuals that are experts in sales strategies and that can help boost your team’s confidence when it comes to picking up the phone and making those all-important calls.

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